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Canadian company Vivere Ltd. is expanding its outdoor living assortment by acquiring Cacoon

Guelph, ON, Canada (May 2021) Vivere Ltd., a Canadian corporation announced today that it is acquiring Cacoon. Vivere’s acquisition of Cacoon is widening its assortment globally with exciting Cacoon products

Cacoon was developed in the UK in 2010 by husband-and-wife team, Nick and Sarah McDonald. Their background was designing and making sails for large yachts. Nick started out as a fine furniture maker and was no stranger to creating unique tensile structures with fabric. He was commissioned to develop a new post-treatment relaxation chair or hammock which resulted in the Cacoon. Cacoon was inspired during a jungle trek in Mexico when he came across a colony of tiny hanging nests with small holes for doors, created by the Weaver bird.

As a designer, McDonald realized he needed a business partner, and so he met Belgian businessman, Patrick Vandervliet, and voila the Cacoon business was born. Cacoon has established itself as a premium brand in the outdoor living space.

“We are delighted to see Vivere continue to grow Cacoon and make these nests available around the world,” said McDonald. 

“Having been the distributor of Cacoon in North America for the last few years, acquiring them was a natural fit as it allows us to continue delivering these amazing nest chairs to our customers. We are also excited to expand the Cacoon line with new products for 2022.” Said Jason Stoter, founder of Vivere Ltd.

Vivere Ltd. is currently in its 17th year of business selling hammocks, sun loungers, and outdoor furniture for backyards and outdoor living spaces around the world. The company continues to grow and has appeared on the Profit 500 for 6 consecutive years as one of Canada's fastest growing companies.

About Vivere

Founded in 2004 with humble beginnings, Jason Stoter began selling hammocks in North America after he purchased his first hammock on a beach in Mexico. Jason introduced the first space-saving hammock combo which quickly became the best-selling hammock product on the market today. Vivere products are available through major retail channels, both online and brick and mortar. Its mantra, Relax the World™, is being shared around the world with sales in 40+ countries. Their global headquarters are located in Guelph, ON, Canada with offices in North Carolina (USA), The Netherlands, Shanghai (China), Japan, and Australia.


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