Tent - Lightent 3 FR Red

Tent - Lightent 3 FR Red

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Number of persons: 3
Colored dimensions: 18x41 cm
Weight: 2.28 kg min
Weight: 2.48 kg max
Volume: 1.4 m3


  • 2 duralumin rods
  • The design of the internal tent is guided in tunnels for easy installation and optimal ventilation


  • 2 x entrance with mosquito net
  • Covered ventilation holes
  • Ventilation system "AIR"


  • Overlapped seams on the outer tent and floor
  • Interior pockets for personal items Hook for hanging the flashlight
  • Aluminum anchor pins
  • FA Adjusting Lines (Fast adjustment)
  • Minimum dimensions and weight
  • Repair kit: tube for easy repair of the structure, patch of the inner and outer tent and floorboards

Dural 7001 T6 (Scandium): construction
- Tough duralumin alloy The 7001 T6 stands out for its lightness, durability and flexibility, which is also used in aviation.

polyester 210T:
- Aluminum thermal insulation and sealed seams, water column: 4000 mm

Polyester 210T Ripstop: outer tent
- Very light, tear-resistant material

Nylon mosquito net:
 internal tent
- maximum breathable Composition polymer, elastomer - polyamide Characteristic properties - very good chemical resistance, good resistance to low temperatures, limited physical and mechanical properties (elasticity, strength)


Minimum water column (measured on material joint):

  • Floor: 3,000 mm
  • outer sheath: 3,000 mm

Water column value on material surface (without seams):

  • floor: 4 500 mm, tent variant - color OLIVE: 8 000 mm
  • outer sheath: 4 500 mm